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Aiken Motorcycle Sales & Service was founded in the early 1960ís. The original owners were Marvin Tumblin, Gray Hunter, & Gray's son Gary. The 3 men traveled the Southeast racing flattrack and worked on bikes during the week at ďthe shopĒ. They were always looking for ways to make bikes go faster and lived life on the edge. They started out in the garage at Grayís house but soon outgrew it. Next stop was a former SOC station at the corner of Pine Log and Whiskey Rd in Aiken. This location remained home for Aiken Motorcycle for many years. In the early 1970ís Marvin and the Hunters dissolved their partnership. Marvin remained on the corner of Pine Log & Whiskey at Aiken Motorcycle Sales & Service.

In the late 1970ís several key people came on board that are still involved today with Aiken Motorcycle. David Smiley started working on bikes and opened the store during the day. Prior to that Marvin opened up shop after leaving his construction job every day. Marvinís daughter, Marsha, also started working at the dealership full time with David in the late 1970ís. Aiken Motorcycle proudly sold Allsport Steen, OSSA, Hodaka, & Power Dyne motorcycles!! Everybody rode on Sundays!

1977 marks a milestone year for the fledgling company. A move a little further south down Whiskey Rd landed Aiken Motorcycle at its present address. And biggest move of all was getting the SUZUKI dealership in 1977!! Flattrack had faded away to motocross and trail riding for the staff and friends.

In 1985 Aiken Motorcycle was able to add Kawasaki to their line up. Somewhere in the 1980ís Chad Kimbrell came into the picture and has been with the staff ever since. A little later Lori Kiser, Chris Wilbanks, & Derrick Turner joined the force.

Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into the dealership for next 10 years. Marvin finally retired from his construction job in 1991 and came full time to the dealership. Joey Hopkins joined the management team in 1995. Hard work and determination garnered coveted awards such as Kawasaki Ichiban Gold & Silver, Suzuki TOP Performer awards, and Dealernews Top 100 awards.

Then in 1998 Aiken Motorcycle Sales & Service added Honda & Yamaha to their line up. Several building expansions occurred. Several more key individuals came on board during the 1990ís. Marvin Tumblinís grandson, Brad Dennis, joined the team. Ron Jubak & Barry Playford came with the Honda & Yamaha transition in 1998. Deborah Merrill also came in about that time and took over the office duties.

Darlene Bland, Brian Moorehead, Chuck Dooley, James Leopard, Phillip Willis, Aaron Fletcher, Spencer Hill, & Chet Tyler joined the team full time to round out the current staff roster which still includes Marvin, Marsha, David, Chris, Barry, Derrick and Deborah.

Many other friends and family have left their mark on the dealership along its journey. They are too numerous to mention here.

Aiken Motorcycle Sales & Service
2129 Whiskey Road Aiken SC 29803
Phone: 803.649.2872 Fax: 803.649.3553

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